CFAO Pre-Owned Cars
Welcome to CFAO Pre-Owned Cars, your premier destination for seamless vehicle trade-ins and upgrades. Unlike any other service, we offer
an exclusive 6-month warranty period on all pre-owned vehicles purchased, providing added peace of mind to our customers. In partnership
with Autochek, a prominent vehicle financing company in Ghana and Nigeria, we ensure a transparent and convenient process for our valued

Here's how it works:
Bring in your vehicle for valuation: Simply visit our dealership, and our experienced team will assess your vehicle's condition and value.
Expert evaluation: Our skilled technicians conduct a comprehensive 36-point check on your vehicle to determine its worth, all done in 1 hour.
Valuation report: You'll receive a technical report outlining the status of the vehicle.
Trade-in negotiations: Once the valuation is complete, our team will work with you to negotiate a fair trade-in deal.

At CFAO Pre-Owned Cars, you have the flexibility to either top up and drive away with a brand new Mitsubishi or Suzuki from our showroom,
or choose from our selection of pre-owned vehicles already traded in.

Benefits of our service include:
Competitive valuation for your vehicle
Flexible options for upgrading to a new or pre-owned vehicle
Expert evaluation and transparent pricing
Exclusive 6-month warranty period on all pre-owned vehicle purchases

Experience the ease and convenience of trading in your vehicle with CFAO Pre-Owned Cars.
Visit us today and let us help you find your next dream car.